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Guide Steps in availing the Hapag-Asa Program

  1. Signify Interest
  2. Contact and inform Hapag-Asa Secretariat of the intention to implement the program. Details on the orientation and training will immediately be discussed.

  3. Orientation Training
  4. An orientation/training for the team who will handle the feeding program will be made. This is necessary before program implementation since mechanics and requirements of the Hapag-asa program will be tackled. The diocese/organization/LGU will have to submit their commitment of implementation after the orientation.

  5. Diocese/NGO/LGU's Preparation
  6. Once trained, a Hapag-Asa Team who will be in-charge of the program must be formed. The organized Hapag-Asa Team may vary depending on the need of implementing Partner, they may be organized per Parish or per Feeding Site. The master list of malnourished children (Form 3) must already be submitted to the Secretariat after the team has been organized.


  7. Processing of Master List of Malnourished Children
  8. The submitted list of children will be checked for final nutritional status evaluation. Result will be given back to the Hapag-Asa coordinator of the diocese/organization/LGU who will then relay the result to the respective areas.

  9. MOA and Feedback on Implementation
  10. Based on the results, the partner will have to feedback on the implementation dates of the areas. Also, the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with Assisi Development Foundation and the implementing partner will now have to be submitted in 4 signed copies. Once completed, a copy will be sent back to the partner.

  11. Release on Supplement: Vitameal or Manna Pack Fortified Rice
  12. Based on the approved number of children and the implementation dates, supplement allocation will be made. The allocated VitaMeal or Manna Rice will be released in tranches depending on the location of the partner implementor. The computation is as follows:

    (Number of children) X (number of days)


    Number of VitaMeal bags allocation for the number of days stated

    80 meals for one bag of VitaMeal

    Manna Pack Rice(Fortified Rice)
    (Number of children) X (number of days)


    Number of Manna Pack Rice allocation for the number of days stated

    6 meals for one pack of Manna Rice

  13. De-worming of Qualified Children and Orientation for Partner-Parents
  14. Prior to the actual feeding, the qualified children should be de-wormed. This may be done at least 3 days before the start of feeding.

    NOTE: Deworming medicines should be administered by a Health Personnel. The Secretariat strongly advises implementing partners to coordinate with Volunteer-Doctors/Nurses or the nearest Health Center in your feeding site for assistance.

    The parents of the qualified children should be oriented on the overview of Hapag-Asa and on their responsibilities as partners in the program implementation. That is, their participation in the actual supplemental feeding and their attendance to the education classes are required.

  15. Actual Program Implementation
  16. The feeding for the malnourished children and education classes for their parents may already commence.

  17. Reports Submission
  18. Consolidated monthly nutritional status records, food supplement inventory and program monitoring/updates will be submitted to the Secretariat. These reports will be the basis for next release of Food Supplement supply.

  19. Graduation
  20. Upon graduation, terminal reports must be submitted together with photos of the children.

    Guide Chart in Availing Hapag-Asa

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